Bakelite Paper Sheet PFCP201 Factory

Bakelite Paper Sheet PFCP201 Factory

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Paper Phenolic Sheet (X-Grade Paper Phenolic) is manufactured from high strength paper bonded with a phenolic resin. The resulting material is a tough laminate with a high impact resistance, excellent tensile, compressive and flexural strengths.

  • For better electrical properties consider XX Phenolic.
  • aka Micarta, Bakelite, Bakelita, Riser Plate, Tooling Plate and more

Features and Benefits of Phenolic Paper Sheet....


  • High impact strength.
  • Excellent tensile, compressive and flexular strengths.
  • Continuous operating temperature of 250F.
  • Great for Tooling Plates used in the production of printed circuit boards.
  • Perfect for stable, high-strength tabletops on routers & fabricating equipment.
  • Meets Mil-I-24768/12
  • Meets LP-509 Type PBM


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