Copper Clad FR4 Laminated Sheet

Copper Clad FR4 Laminated Sheet

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The substrates used in PCB are mainly divided into two categories: organic substrates and inorganic substrates. Among them, the organic substrates are made of several types of materials which refer to the reinforcing materials, such as glass fiber cloth, fiber paper, glass felt, etc. These reinforcing materials are impregnated with resin adhesive and dried, then covered with copper foil at high temperature and high pressure. This type of substrate, known as copper clad laminate (CCL), is the main material used to make PCB.

If classified by reinforcing material:

  • Paper base CCL (eg. XPC)
  • Glass fiber cloth base CCL (eg. FR-4, FR-5)
  • Compound CCL (eg. CEM-1, CEM-3)
  • Special material base CCL (eg. metal-base CCL, ceramic-base CCL etc.)

Features of Fenhar CCL....


  • Flat and smooth in appearance
  • Length, width, diagonal deviation and warpage in tolerance
  • Great electric, physical, and chemical performance
  • Applies IPC-4101C as a manufacturing standard and uses IPC-TM-650 for CCL testing


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