Durostone Sheet Solder Pallet Material

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Synthetic stone carbon fiber board (Durostone Sheet) is a kind of insulation sheet for wave solder pallets, It is as same as  Ricocel sheet. It is the top grades of the material made by glass fabric and epoxy resin, it is a lead-free material Designed for who wanted to enhance productivity and reduce the loss of the products. This item can withstand the temperature more than 380 degrees (10~20 seconds). And keep its mechanical strength, smoothness, and original color when continuously used during the temperature of 300°c. Composite materials Lead-free material is another kindly of excellent material for SMT fixture & carrier, wave solder pallet, reflow soldering, SMT oven tray, had tin furnace jigs, such as PCB and electronic industry.


Features and Benefits of Durostone Sheet....


  • Excellent durability against repetitive soldering of more than 20,000-times.
  • 10^6~10^9 surface resistivity.
  • Excellent mechanical strength for precision machining.
  • Excellent chemical resistance against soluble flux or pallet cleaner.
  • Teflon-coating is not necessary to make up for durability or cleanability.
  • Excellent machinability which is durable against high speed machining.
  • Lead free material/ RoHS COMPLIANT
  • Strong Thin Wall up to 0.5mm

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