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Nema Grade G10 FR4 Tube is an electrical-grade epoxy resin system combined with a glass fabric substrate, cast to a specific size and either formed or ground down to the desired specifications. G10 FR4 Tube offers excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties under dry and humid conditions. G10 FR4 Tube features high flexural, impact, superior mechanical strength and bond strength at temperatures up to 130 C. G10 FR4 Tube is available in standard and custom sizes up to 10" in diameter.


Features and Benefits of G10/Fr4....


  • G-10/FR-4 meets MIL-I-24768/27, Type GEE-F
  • Non-Brominated G-10 meets Mil-I-24768/2 Type GEE
  • Fire Resistance: UL94 V-0.
  • Good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, standard thickness tolerances.
  • Low water absorption, has good moisture resistance and good dielectric properties .
  • Stable electrical insulating properties, good electrical performance in dry or wet conditions.
  • High mechanical strength, good processability Punching, Drilling, Machining and Cutting is available.
  • Good mechanical workability.
  • In high temperature electric performance is stable.
  • High mechanical properties and dielectric properties.


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