G10 material manufacturer

FENHAR NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD. is an international enterprise engaged in laminated insulation material production since 2002. As a G10 material manufacturer, it not only produces g10 material. Our main products include FR-4, G10, G11, G7, GPO3, textolite, bakelite, mica tape and so on.

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Main Products

Mica tube

Nema G11 Sheet Yellow Color

Epoxy Glass Mat Sheet GPO3 UPGM203

Copper Clad FR4 Laminated Sheet

Nema Grade G10 FR4 Tube

g10 fr4 sheet

G10 FR4 Sheet EPGC201

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20 year +

High temperature resistant products

8 +

Professional production line


Square meters factory area



Plastic waste, unbearable weight

As a thermoset plastic manufacturer, we recognize the importance of environmental protection. Thus, we are constantly working to reduce the negative impact of our production activities on the environment.

Here is what we have done to protect the environment:

  • We strictly abide by government environmental regulations and standards. And ensure that our emissions follow national and local environmental requirements.
  • We adopt modern production equipment and technology. Try our best to cut the generation of waste water, gas, residue, etc. We are using this way to reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment.
  • At the same time, we ensure the classification, collection, storage and treatment of waste. Through meticulous process control and management to cut our impact on the environment.

Environmental protection is part of a company’s social responsibility. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our environmental protection efforts. To protect the environment, we are all actors.


PCB Industry

Fr4 CCL Application

As basic material of PCB industry, it is wildly used in medical devices, consumer electronics like smartphones and computers. lighting industry, aerospace applications and so on

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E-motors Industry

Fiberglass Sheet Application

Wildly used in battery industry, E-Motors industry, carriage wheel, solar panels, inflatable cabinet breaker, semiconductors, transformers industry, isolation blocks and other home applications.

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Power Industry

Phenolic Sheet Application

Widely apply to components in motor, electrical equipment and insulation system which has high requirement on mechanical property.
It also apply to PCB drilling base board, distribution switch box, fixture board, mold plate, high voltage and low-voltage distribution cabinet, packer, electric comb, motor, machinery mold, PCB, ICT fixture, forming machine, drilling machine, surface grinding plate, transformer oil.

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