Fenhar G10 FR4 Laminated Insulation Material Manufacturer

FENHAR NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD. is an international enterprise engaged in laminated insulation material production since 2002. As a G10 FR4 material manufacturer, it not only produces g10 material. Our main products include FR-4, G10, G11, G7, GPO3, vetronite, textolite, bakelite, mica tape and so on.

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Fenhar Factory Introduction

Main composite laminate Products

Textolite HGW2082

Nema G11 Sheet Yellow Color

Epoxy Glass Mat Sheet GPO3 UPGM203

Bakelite HP2062

Nema Grade G10 FR4 Tube

G10 FR4 Sheet EPGC201

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What are our advantages as a g10 sheet factory?

Wide Product Range:

Fenhar offers diverse insulation materials. It includes FR-4, G10, G11, G7, GPO3, phenolic cotton, bakelite sheet, tube, rod, copper-clad laminated sheet, mica tape, and more. This extensive product portfolio ensures customers can find solutions tailored to their needs.

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Extensive International Experience:

We have nearly twenty years of experience in laminated insulation production and international trade. With this, Fenhar has gained a firm foothold in the global market. our products have been accepted by over one hundred countries. We are committed to becoming a renowned supplier worldwide.

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Quality and Innovation:

Quality and innovation have always been our guiding principles at Fenhar. We take pride in being pioneers in our industry here in China. We obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental protection system certification earlier. This dedication to quality ensures that our products meet international standards.

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Competitive Pricing:

Fenhar is dedicated to providing outstanding products at competitive prices. Just because we have our own factory. As a G10 material manufacturer, we can provide our customers with high quality and low price products. In addition, 50 tons capacity everyday ensures stable supply.

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20 year +

High temperature resistant products

8 +

Professional production line


Square meters factory area



composite laminate Applications

Communication Equipment

Communication Equipment

Fr4 CCL Application

In the field of communication equipment, FR4 CCL is extensively used for manufacturing PCBs in devices. Like smartphones, routers, and communication base stations. It has high electrical insulation and mechanical strength properties. These features ensure reliable signal transmission and stable performance. Therefore, its advantages make it the first choice for modern communication equipment.

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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Fiberglass Sheet Application

In the automotive industry, you can often see the fiberglass. It is extensively used for manufacturing car bodies, bumpers, and other components. Its lightweight nature enhances fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance. Fiberglass composites offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios. This benefit makes them ideal for sports car bodies, where high performance and aerodynamics are crucial. Additionally, fiberglass components are corrosion-resistant. So, it can make the car durable and long-lasting in various weather conditions.

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Electrical insulation

Electrical insulation

Phenolic Sheet Application

Phenolic sheets are commonly used in electrical insulation. For they have excellent heat resistance, hardness, dimensional stability, and electrical resistance. They were initially combined with paper and fabrics to produce materials like Micarta® for electrical equipment insulation. Phenolic resins have also become popular in various applications for circuit boards, knife handles, friction materials, and binding agents.

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Marine Material


Phenolic Cotton Application

In the marine industry, Phenolic Cotton finds extensive application. Its utilization revolves around its robust properties, particularly its high resistance to moisture and corrosion. Phenolic Cotton is commonly employed in the production of marine components such as electrical enclosures, insulation panels, and structural supports. Its ability to withstand harsh marine environments ensures longevity and reliability in critical systems onboard ships and vessels. With its excellent electrical insulation and mechanical strength, Phenolic Cotton contributes to the seamless operation of various marine equipment, making it a preferred choice for marine applications.

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Knife Handles Material

Knife Handles

Color G10/FR4 Application

In the knife handles industry, Color G10/FR4 is widely utilized for its exceptional durability and mechanical strength, ensuring a reliable grip for knives in diverse applications such as culinary, outdoor, and tactical use. Its customizable colors allow for personalization without compromising performance, while its resistance to various chemicals ensures longevity even in harsh conditions.

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