How To Get Excellent Textolite Material Popular In Mechanical Field?

The raw material of textolite is cotton fabric and Phenolic resin. Like other insulation materials produced by FENHAR, textolite is also made by following steps:

textolite sheet
  1. Make resin of textolite by standard formulae
  2. Dip the cotton cloth of textolite in the resin
  3. Cut into standard size textolite prepreg
  4. Stacked these textolite prepregs according to different thickness or diameter
  5. Press these textolite prepregs in the hot-pressure machines 3~4 hours under 140℃
  6. Cut the burr of the textolite sheet, textolite rod or textolite tube
high quality textolite sheet

The density of textolite is only 1400Kg/m3, but textolite has excellent strength and wear resistance. And because of its raw material, textolite also has perfect insulation performance.

The above characteristics determined textolite could be widely used in mechanical engineering field.

china phenolic spur gears

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