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G10 FR4 Epoxy Fiberglass

G10 FR4 epoxy fiberglass is a mechanical as well as electrical insulator. This material is epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass mat. This results in a strong, durable, and highly insulating material with fire-resistant properties. It has many uses. Electrical insulation, mechanical parts, and structural supports. Fire-resistant, high-temperature situations employ it. Buildings use it too. It insulates and supports while preventing fires.
Some of the features are:

  • Material type: G10 FR4
  • Composition: Epoxy resin and fiberglass
  • Thickness: Varies
  • Color: Light green
  • Temperature resistance: High

  • Flame resistance: High
  • Electrical insulation: Excellent
  • Mechanical strength: High
  • Chemical resistance: Good
  • Water resistance: Good