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Phenolic Resin Material- Bakelite

It is a thermosetting synthetic polymer made by mixing phenol and formaldehyde. This material is very good at insulating, so it is a great choice for electrical and electronic uses. In this application, it is often used to make laminates, printed circuit boards, and electrical connectors. Phenolic resin is also resistant to water, heat, and chemicals, which makes it a strong material. So, in the automotive and building industries, people often use it to make brake pads and clutch discs and as glue for composite materials. We can provide customized shapes.
Some things that phenolic resins have are:

  • Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties
  • Not Affected by Water, Heat, or Chemicals
  • High Strength and Durability

  • Good Stability in Size
  • Cheaper than Other High-performance Materials