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G10 nonFR Epoxy Fiberglass

This electrical and mechanical insulator is used. This material is epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass mat. G10 nonFR epoxy fiberglass is versatile. Electrical insulation, mechanical parts, and structural supports. When fire resistance is not needed, you can consider using it. It insulates and strengthens electronic casings. It insulates and supports machines and equipment during construction. The G10 sheet has:

  • Material type: G10 sheet
  • Flame resistance: Non-FR (non-flame retardant)
  • Composition: Epoxy resin and woven fiberglass
  • Dielectric strength: High
  • Thermal stability: Good

  • Water absorption: Low
  • Chemical resistance: High
  • Machinability: Good
  • Electrical insulation: Excellent
  • Durability: High