Meet Fenhar At CWIEME Berlin 2023

CWIEME Berlin 2023, from May,23rd to 25th, location Messe Berlin

32E50 – is our company’s booth number

CWIEME Berlin 2023

WIEME Berlin is a trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers of coil winding, electric motors, generators, transformers and other electromechanical components. So this fair attracts professionals from sectors such as electric and hybrid vehicles, renewable energy and industrial automation.

CWIEME Berlin is usually an annual event and brings together many international participants. The exhibition provides an opportunity to showcase and promote the latest technological developments, products and innovations in the sector. Attendees have the opportunity to make new business connections, strengthen existing ones, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry. CWIEME Berlin hosts various exhibitions and conferences. On the exhibition grounds, exhibitors can showcase their products and services, interact directly with customers and network with other key players in the industry. In addition, it provides an opportunity to discuss and exchange information on the latest innovations in the sector through conferences, panels and seminars.

We join CWIEME Berlin 2023

Fenhar’s participation in this exhibition is an important step for providing more suitable products to customers and expanding relations. This plays a big role in the expansion of the sale of both plastic materials and electrical insulation products, which are our production products, and in the recognition of our company.

Fenhar Company is one of the big manufacturing companies recognized in many countries of the world. Since 2002, this company has gone through different paths and produced insulation materials, technical materials and introduced its product to the world.

FENHAR joins CWIEME Berlin 2023

What Products do we show in CWIEME Berlin 2023?

We provide G10, G11, G7, G3, FR4, FR5, GPO3, Bakelite, Textolite, mica, and all kinds of laminated insulation sheets, rods, and tubes. Besides these materials, we also accept OEM with other materials, like aramid fiber, ceramic fiber, polyester fiber, basalt fiber, etc.

This is the leaflet we prepared when we participated in the exhibition.

Display Products Information

Electrical Insulating Materials

Electrical insulators are substances that stop electric current from flowing through them. These materials are ideal for use in electrical devices due to their high resistance and low conductivity. There are many different types of electrical insulator materials, but some of the more popular ones include rubber, glass, ceramic, and plastic. Due to their high dielectric strength, they can withstand high voltages without damage. Electrical insulators are made of materials that can withstand high temperatures without degrading. Electric current insulators have the following characteristics:

  1. Low conductivity and high resistance
  2. High dielectric strength
  3. Excellent thermal stability
  4. Multiple potential substrates
  5. At a cheap price

Special Products

“Specialty Products” describes a broad range of insulating materials for special uses. We tune their performance characteristics to meet the requirements of diverse sectors. Airgel insulation is an illustration of a specialty product. It works well as thermal insulation and is used in the aerospace sector. Pyrogel is another illustration. In high-temperature applications, it serves as a flexible blanket-insulating material. Specific industrial criteria are being met by these materials. They also have certain qualities that make them perfect for particular uses. They are a great option for uses that call for high-performance materials. Especially with distinct characteristics designed to satisfy certain needs.

Features of them are:

  • Customized to meet specific application requirements
  • High-performance materials with unique properties
  • Designed to meet specific industry standards.
  • It may be more expensive than other standard materials.
  • Need specialized knowledge for installation and maintenance.

Types of Thermoset Laminates

These are an assortment of insulating materials used in mechanical and electrical applications. Based on these materials’ mechanical and electrical characteristics, different classes are assigned to them. Aside from their chemical resistance and thermal stability, too.

According to their characteristics, grades are categorized. In many applications, they are tailored to satisfy certain performance needs. In high-stress applications, for instance, G-10 and G-11 grades are employed. They consist of structural elements used in the maritime and aerospace sectors as well as electrical insulators. In situations where flame retardant qualities are required, FR-4 grades are employed. In electrical devices, these include printed circuit boards. Specific performance criteria in a variety of applications are met by these qualities.


What is the main thing for us?

Our company, which has been operating since 2002, has put the quality of the products in the foreground, taking into account the wishes of the customers, and worked with the aim of producing high-quality products that meet the requirements of the customers. He has taken more effective steps in the direction of establishing business relations with clients and establishing initial relations.

Why Choose Us?

The company has made great strides in maintaining its image and has played an important role in improving quality. Established ISO 9001-2000 CSR, ISO 14001, EMS manufacturing process and received these certificates.

For our company, honesty, customer satisfaction, high-quality products and environmental protection are more important. We are always at your service with our entire team.