Electrical Insulation Composite Tubes High-Performance Solutions

In the realm of electrical equipment, the quest for reliable insulation solutions is paramount. FENHAR presents a diverse range of tubing options catering to various temperature requirements and electrical breakdown resistance needs. From phenolic paper and cotton tubes to epoxy or silicone glass fabric variants, and even mica tubes, our offerings are tailored to meet your insulation demands.

Mica tube

For applications demanding high-temperature resilience, our mica and silicone glass fabric tubes stand as stalwart solutions. Conversely, when lower temperatures suffice, our epoxy or phenolic glass tubes step in with equal competence.

In the domain of soldering, FENHAR epoxy and silicone tubes reign supreme as the global standard. Yet, for less demanding temperature requirements, our mica tubes prove to be a reliable alternative.

FR4 G10 G11 tube

The aerospace industry finds solace in FENHAR tubes, leveraging their exceptional dielectric properties, coupled with robust thermal performance and chemical resistance.

Pyrotechnic endeavors, whether in military or industrial domains, benefit from our phenolic paper tubes, trusted by leading manufacturers worldwide.

Phenolic paper tube

In the realm of cryogenics, FENHAR epoxy glass tubes emerge as the preferred choice, earning favor among numerous academic institutions globally for their adaptability and availability in various sizes, starting from 3.2mm inner diameter.

Communication infrastructure thrives on FENHAR epoxy glass tubes, contributing to the fabrication of antenna sections and housings. Additionally, we offer polyester glass fabric tubes tailored to environmental considerations.

In the maritime industry, a diverse array of FENHAR tubes finds application. Whether it’s epoxy, paper, or phenolic cotton tubes for general purposes or polyester glass tubes for marine antennas, our solutions endure the rigors of marine environments with resilience.

At FENHAR, we don’t just provide insulation solutions; we empower industries with versatile, reliable, and tailored options to navigate the challenges of modern engineering landscapes.