How to get perfect FR4 sheet parts with free samples

FR4 sheet is made of epoxy resin and fiberglass fabric. Because of that, the FR4 sheet is rigid with low density. Like other engineering plastics, FR4 sheet is also good at processing. There are usually five processing methods for FR4 sheets, like cutting, drilling, milling, punching and lathe processing. If you need high precision, we also have CNC machines for you.

Fenhar is not only professional in producing FR4 sheets, but also could machine FR4 sheets as clients’ drawings or samples. We have 4 CNC machines, 12 cutting machines, 12 carving machines, 8 drilling machines, 6 lathe machines, 4 punching machines and 2 milling machines.

If you are looking for a factory to machine FR4 sheet, congratulations, you found the right place. Please send your drawing of FR4 sheet parts to our Email.

The following are some FR4 sheets machined to be some parts, like nuts, scraper, and sleeve.

Besides the above parts, other popular parts like G10/FR4 Motor Slot Wedges and G10/FR4 Flange Insulation Kits. You could check our website or get free samples of FR4 sheet parts by calling + 86 18952212851 or Emailing directly.