Why is the FR4 plate called an excellent material for keyboards?

FR4 plate is one insulation material as NEMA standard; it is also called EPGC201/202 as IEC standard.

fr4 plate keyboard

FR4 plate is made of epoxy and electronic fiberglass fabric. According to FENHAR production process , We will press the prepregs under 170℃ hot pressure of 3~4 hours according to different thickness, then they will became hard plate.

FR4 sheet has lower density but better strength and insulation performance than Aluminum.

Its density will be 1950KGS/m3, with 450MPa flexural strength and 350MPa tensile strength. For more details, please check the technical performance of our Fenhar FR4 material.

Its flame retardant performance could reach V0 grade. FENHAR FR4 passed the UL certification of flame retardant. Please contact us to asking for the certification if you are interested.

As one professional producer, FENHAR could produce FR4 sheet with lots of color according to our clients’ demand. Unique color will be another name of your brand.

Because of its excellent performance as above, FR4 plate has lots of application in electronic products. Like the FR4 plate keyboard, its raw material is also ours product. We could provide the raw material or CNC service of final products.

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